Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TV Show Envy

Apologies for the few days of haitus I've taken. I will probably tend to do that from time to time, just because life can get so busy. You all know how it goes, I'm sure.

Today I started thinking about the kinds of TV shows that I enjoy - mostly comedies like "The Big Bang Theory", "That 70's Show" or "How I Met Your Mother". I realized that though I know that the lives of the characters in the show aren't real, I envy them at times.

For all the above mentioned shows, there is a group of friends, for one. That intimate group of friends is what makes the show interesting, and usually doesn't exist in "real life". However, that's one of the things I find that I wish I had - a group of four or five really close friends. Friendships aren't perfect, but they're always there for each other at the end.

Last night, I found myself envious of the last episode of the season for "How I Met Your Mother". I'm sorry if you haven't seen the episode yet and this spoils it for you, but Lilly finds out she's finally pregnant. Though in no way do I think I need to have a baby in the near future, I can't help the mother/ticking clock instinct. It's a real tough spot to be in - wanting and not wanting something at the same time.

I feel myself starting to ramble, so I am going to end now with today's question: If you could choose to be any tv show character and have their life, who would you be?

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