Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super Docu-Geek

Since I'm stumped on what to write about today, I'm going to keep this post short, sweet and personal. It's not in my profile, but I'm about to share a fact about myself that most don't know.

I am a documentary super geek. Seriously.

You know how some people love SciFi (well, now spelled SyFy for som ungodly reason) or Fantasy and are complete nerds about Star Trek or Lord of the Rings or some other big show like that? I'm all about the documentary. Normally it doesn't even matter what kind it is, but I do have a tendancy towards National Geographic and BBC. But the topics can range from war to animals to the production of plastic. I guess I find visual learning about things fascinating.

Last night I wantched a documentary called "Living with Wolves" and also the extra DVD called "Wolves at our Door" that came with it. It was about a couple, the Dutchers, who lived with a pack of wolves in the Sawtooth Valley in northern Idaho for 6 years. The wolf pack was enclosed in "camp wolf" to ensure that the Dutchers could easily record and document their behavior. The wolves that created the successful pack were also bottle fed as pups to ensure that they trusted the Dutchers enough to be around them and allow themselves to be filmed partaking in normal wolf behavior.

I noticed something about this documentary that was really familiar. Has anyone seen the animation film "Alpha and Omega"? I could swear that many facts from this single documentary were taken to make the cartoon. For one, it talked about the fact that the Omega of the pack was the peace-and-fun-maker. Another interesting similarity is that one of the female wolves that seemed destined to be an Omega was actually chosen by the Alpha male to be his mate, thus becoming the Alpha female.

I know to a lot of you, this may not seem that interesting, but this is the kind of stuff that I love - learning new things, and learning different views on the same things and how it all fits together with everything else. It's my kind of learning. I'm not sure what that all means about me, but I'm not worrying about that aspect too much.

I'll get on to my question of the day for you so I can stop my rambling:
What are you a nerd about?

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