Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Mustache

Recently - this morning actually - my boyfriend decided that he wanted a change. That change involved shaving his beard into a lonely mustache. Normally, he will either wear a full beard or a goatee, both styles that I have come to love on him. This new style however, I am having difficulty with. Serious difficulty.

He would like to keep this mustache, for a reason that is unknown to me. Maybe because his mom says it makes him look like his dad and she likes it. Shouldn't my opinion count more though? I have agreed to let him keep it for today, but I honestly don't think I'll be able to get used to this change. All I have to say is that he better not shave my head in my sleep should I decide to shave his mustache in his, like he has threatened to do.

I should probably give you a reason I'm not so fond of the single mustache. Point blank, I think they are creepy. I haven't had many good experiences with any man who has had one. Plus, all the men that have mustaches are old (sorry men over 35 - I'm only 24, so that's old to me), and I also think that it makes my boyfriend look old. Back to the creepiness factor, I'll give you an example from just this morning:

I work in an office that receives packages and such that need to be signed for. One of the delivery men (who just happened to have a mustache) brought a package in to my office for me to sign for. I was standing at the time of this delivery, and bent over to sign the paper. I turned to the left, so as he wouldn't be looking down my shirt as I signed his form. Strange thing happened though - he walked around from the front of my desk to the side of my desk. The same side I was bent toward. Needless to say I straightened up really fast, but only one word needed now: creep.

I told my boyfriend what had happened, and he ever so rightly vowed to kick some delivery man butt, but also said that a mustache is not what makes the creep, it's the man that makes the creep. Though I agree with this statement, I can't help but to notice that creepy men in general are drawn toward the facial hair style of: mustache.

A picture was taken of my beau with his new hairstyle and that picture was shown around the office with one question: yes or no? Everyone said no. To be fair, I have only had the chance to show other females in my age range. Maybe a male would think different. We will see.

Though I would love to post a picture of my beloved and have you answer the question specifically about whether he should keep it or not, I am just going to ask this instead: What is your opinion on the lone mustache? (It would help if you provided your age and gender when commenting. I do believe there may be a generational/sex split.)

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