Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Gifts & Obnoxious Chicks

This weekend has gone really well for me. I've had a good time going to the movies with my guy and hanging out with friends and my mom - and trying to guess what my birthday present is. Although my birthday isn't for another FOUR months, my guy has already bought one of my gifts.

All I know about the gift is that it fits into a box (sized about 3' x 2' x 1'), it's pretty expensive (I consider expensive anything over $50, but I'm guessing that this has fallen into the range of between $100 and $300), my brother was with my guy when the present was bought (at Wal-Mart), my female cousin loved it when it was shown to her, and my guy's best friend and his wife now know what it is. Also, there is apparently going to be a small gathering when I'm given my gift which has been scheduled to be gifted to me around the 4th of July, two months early. My love says that he's giving it(them) to me two months early because of two reasons: one, we had planned to go to Gatlinburg that week, but now we won't be able to go due to money contrictions, and two: because last year my birthday gift came two months late. This is all I am allowed to know, and all that anyone has told me. I may be updating on this situation from time to time, since I'm so intrigued by what it could be. I have my guesses, but for now, I'm not going to post what they are.

On to the obnoxious chicks thing... we went to see the Pirates movie yesterday and though the movie was great, I was dissappointed with the experience at the theater all because of one girl that just had to sit next to me. She was about my age, it looked like, but she was so incredibly loud that it almost ruined the movie for me. She was apparently so easily amused that she was laughing at everything, whether it was funny or not. At times, she was the only one in the entire theater laughing. And it wasn't a little laugh either. It was a big, loud, boistrous laugh that rang through the entire theather above all the sword-fighting action noise - right into my ear drum. At the parts I wanted to laugh, my jolliness was cut short by the annoyance of her laughter. I had to plug my ear from time to time since the shrill pierced right into my ear drum. She was so distracting at parts, that I'm sure I will see new things when I'm finally able to watch the movie again.

In other news - i got new glasses - yay! They are extremely different from the ones I've had for about four or five years now - and they're purple! However, I have to go - like now - to get them adjusted. They are killing the behind my ears area by being just a bit too snug. I've actually been typing half of this blog without any help corercting my poor vision, so I spologize for any mis-spellings. I just can not take the pain any longer. Straight to the eye people  - after my questions for you.

Questions: What was your worst movie going experience? And... what do you think my gift could be (please do not guess "ring" though - I've come to the conclusion that it's not)?

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