Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TidBits and a Dream

This post also will be short and sweet, since again today I am experiencing a "writer's block" and can not think of any inspiring topics to write about. So I will share wil you some personal tidbits that I find - interesting.

One: did you know that the pesticides that are sprayed on the majority of our food crops is actually a derivitive of the nerve gas that was used in WWII? I learned this little fact on another documentary (I told you I was a geek about them) called "The Future of Food" that I watched last night.

Two: last night I recieved the new eyeshadow that I ordered, so I wanted to try it out. I put some on and decided to just leave it on, since it wasn't hurting anything and I'd be taking a shower later on anyway to wash it off. I ended up falling asleep on the couch, and when my boyfriend came home and woke me up he looked at me and asked "What's wrong with your eyes?". Still being half asleep, I half-freaked and wondered what was wrong with my eyes - were they swolen or red or - what? Then I remembered that I had on some darker colored eyeshadow. Relief in part because nothing was wrong with my eyes; slight annoyance that the color made my dear think there was something wrong with me.

Three: my dream last night. Now, if you were to know me, you would know that I have quite vivid and quite frankly - weird dreams, and I almost always remember them. So here's what I dreamt last night. Please don't judge, because I myself was a bit weirded out:
I was at a luncheon with everyone in my office, not unlike a two hour event that happens once a year for us. In this dream I was very pregnant (I am not pregnant in "real" life). All of a sudden I felt a contraction and announced that it was "Time" and I needed to leave. A couple of co-workers drove me to the hospital where my boyfriend (was husband in the dream) met me. For some reason, I didn't want to stay, since there didn't seem to be many doctors or nurses around to help, and the pain wasn't that bad. However, on our way home, we ended up pulling over and I gave birth half squatting - somewhere. Now... before I tell you the next part, I will tell you that in this dream world it was a normal accident of sorts for doctors to sometimes place an animal embryo into the womb of a human to help her get pregnant, instead of a human embryo. I, apparently, had been placed with an animal embryo. I proceeded to give a not very painful birth to a - purple haired daschund puppy. The birth not being very painful since the puppy was so small. And why it had purple hair, I have no clue. In my dream, I did realize that this was not normal and that I did not actually give birth to a human baby, so therefore I didn't consider myself a real mother with a real child. But, I was not entirely upset, since I now had a very cute and interesting new pet, who enjoyed climbing to high places such as the back of the couch, but was also clumsy and kept falling off of things.
I do not know what this dream really means, as the only explanation I could find online specifically about the birth of an animal such as a dog, is that the dream was foretelling that "allies who will be of great assistance to you soon surround you". That just makes me wonder what I'm going to need great assistance with.

Ending on the dream note, here's my question for you today: What's your craziest or most interesting dream?

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